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Derriere Equestrian Badminton Horse Trials Roundup 2017 Underwear, Commentators, Banter & Bras!

Derriere Equestrian Badminton Horse Trials Roundup 2017

Underwear, Commentators, Banter & Bras!

Another year of outstanding Equitation at Badminton Horse Trials 2017. The riders prepared for every aspect, the horses trained to perfection, and the crowds gathered in their thousands to watch the best of the best line up for the Mitsubishi Motors Cup. The Dressage Phase started with some fantastic horsemanship and beautiful tests, showing the Eventers dance with athleticism, elegance and beauty. There were highs and lows to the cross country phase, that led to a chair gripping finish in the ShowJumping. To see Andrew Nicholson Crowned with the 2017 Badminton title, was an absolute pleasure and delight. Years of dedication and training to lead to such a fantastic finish. Congratulations to Andrew and Nereo.

Team Derriere Equestrian had another outstanding #BHT, with 6 of our UK retailers exhibiting at the event. The team took the opportunity to meet with the buyers, assist with advice for styles, sizes and hear continued great feedback on the DE Collection. Inch’sSaddlery, Colne Saddlery, Wychanger Barton Saddlery, Classic Dressage, WadswickCountry Store and Cheffings Equine ensured Derrieres were readily available for the shoppers, with a full selection of the underwear range being available for purchase throughout the shopping village.

Anna Buchanan and Claire Galer of Derriere Equestrian were available at Colne Saddlery and Inch’s Saddlery to meet with buyers. Hearing outstanding feedback, meeting many repeat buyers and hearing through the crowds over and over again: 

With ques for service at the underwear stands, constant buyers throughout the 5 days, there were many happy Derrieres headed home this year from #BHT!

The Derriere Equestrian Banter from the commentary box through the Badminton Radio, has now become somewhat of a #BHT tradition! With Derriere’s lead brand ambassador Carl Hester having had much Derriere Banter with Pammy Hutton, Daisy Berkeley and Harry Meade over the past few years, with refreshments provided from team DE! This year many looked forward to this once again.

Daisy Berekeley Derriere Equestrian Sponsored Rider and Harry Meade headed up the commentary for Saturday and Sunday. They were obviously provided with the necessities of a Derriere Hamper for refreshments, of not only their vocal cords, but their underwear drawer too! 

Daisy and Harry had an absolute blast and we had many customers commenting on the hilarious Derriere Banter occurring through the radio waves! Thank you Daisy and Harry for much hilarity and letting buyers know where they could find The Team!

The first of the DE Sportief Bra sales to consumers were made, with fantastic feedback on the size guide, size fitting, design, comfort and technology of the new equestrian bra from Derriere Equestrian. The product is now on its way to the DE Stockists and Retailers, access for purchase will be available globally.

As the sun set over Badminton House, after another fantastic and outstanding year, the equestrian show retailers packed away their stores and many headed on to Royal Windsor Horse Show. An outstanding success for all involved, smoothly and professionally managed by the BHT Team and a pleasure to attend for all those visiting the stunning Badminton House Estate and Parkland over the course of the week.

Did you meet with the Derriere Equestrian Team at Badminton Horse Trials 2017? If so, please send your feedback on the service received and the products you purchased. Send all Feedback and Testimonials to:


Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Lower leg strength and mobility By Bex Mason, show jumper

Lower leg strength and mobilityBy Bex Mason, show jumper

Derriere Equestrian

We know that our position on a horse is paramount to successful riding. A key part is from your seat downwards, as this is the connecting point between the two of you! When jumping, ideally your hip and heel should be aligned, your stirrup on the ball of your foot, with a slight bend of the knee and, all importantly, your heels firmly down.

We are naturally synchronised to use our hips, knees and ankles in all our day-to-day movements, therefore it is also a normal progress to transfer this to our riding technique when mounted.  However, we can improve on our natural abilities by strengthening the muscles and joints needed for horse riding, and especially jumping!

I have proposed some exercises below, to give you some ideas for strengthening and mobilising your lower leg.

Exercises off the horse:
Cycling, running and swimming will all help lower leg and core muscles throughout the body, but a good tip for riders is Step Work. Find a suitable solid step anywhere; part of a staircase is ideal - step on, placing the balls of your feet on the edge of the step, then bending your knees slightly - drop your heels down as far as you can. Remember to stay upright and look straight ahead. This is a simulation of your foot in the stirrup, and should help to train your muscles and help your balance.  This exercise will specifically target calf muscles!

Exercises on the horse:
Stand up in your stirrups, slightly forward, with a bend in your knee – you may rest your hands on the horse’s neck for stability – keep the stirrups on the balls of your feet, and try to anchor your heels down. Initially, do this while the horse is standing still with someone holding him, and later in the walk. Try to manage half a minute at a time, slowly building to longer periods and eventually you should be comfortable also at trot and canter!

Riding without stirrups, keeping your legs long and wrapped around the horse, will also really strengthen all the right muscles and, very importantly, your balance on a horse. It is best to start this on the lunge in a small enclosed area with a trusted friend or instructor. 

With any exercises like this you will probably ‘feel the burn’; but work through the discomfort! Hard work, dedication, repetition and determination will reap rewards. 

Our bodies can be trained to be fit for purpose, and an exercise performed on a regular basis will improve our muscles, tendons and ligaments, and will soon become second nature.

Happy riding!

About Bex

Derriere Equestrian ambassador Bex Mason has worked for many years breaking in horses and competing at an international level with elite riders such as Tina and Graham Fletcher (GB), Ludo Philleaperts (BEL), Steve Cohan (NZ) and Viki Roycroft (AUS). Bex specialises in producing competition horses. 

“I find myself expressing love for my Derrieres daily,” Bex says of the underwear range. “I openly discuss the results and versatility of the products, whether it’s to customers at my yard, or fellow competitors at shows; I don’t even realise I’m doing it - these pants change riders’ lives!

Empowering Riders To Feel Confident, Comfortable, Healthy and Stylish In Their Sporting Underwear.
Ultimate Comfort for the Perfect Seat

Friday, 21 April 2017

Riders Discover the Health Benefits Of Derrieres

Riders Discover the Health Benefits Of Derrieres

Riders not only experience outstanding comfort, quality and style when sporting their Derrieres, the health benefits the garments exhibit are being recognised by riders globally.

The Technology behind all of our padded pants designs, ensures usage of the highest performing sporting fabric. Derriere Equestrian uses synthetic fibres resulting in soft, supportive, performance stretching underwear, suitable for all equestrian sports. More critically, this means that the underwear is moisture wicking, making it ideal for sport, with additional benefits of, bacteriostatic and non-chafing properties. 

The best fabric for exercise-friendly underwear is moisture wicking and breathable. Cotton was traditionally used for years, the newer synthetic fabrics are specifically designed to keep you dry. For repetitive movements and seated sports, such as seen when riding, running, rowing and cycling, comfortable underwear should present with flat seams that are non-abrasive. 

Our exercise-specific fabrics are better than plain cotton and provide essential hygiene properties. Our technical underwear is stretchy but supportive, which is great for horse riding. They also wick sweat far more efficiently than any cotton undies around, to help keep you drier. 

The bacteriostatic properties of the fabrics will also help to fight odour, and assist in the presentation of a healthy microbial environment. These factors are definitely worth considering when selecting riding underwear, to keep the body healthy and dry while in the saddle. 

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Derriere Equestrian Tour Epplejeck Equestrian Superstores In The Netherlands & Run Product Testing With Staff

Derriere Equestrian Tour Epplejeck Equestrian Superstores In The Netherlands & Run Product Testing With Staff

2017 started with a busy schedule for Team Derriere Equestrian, including a tour through 6 of the Epplejeck Equestrian Superstores in The Netherlands.

The tour involved staff product testing and feedback from riders who had never experienced or sought out the usefulness of Equestrian Padded Underwear before.

The DE Brand Underwear Range became available throughout Epplejeck in late 2016, the launch being welcomed by riders all over Holland, seeking to gain accessible purchase availability for their riding underwear, from our world leading brand. Having launched designs in the female DE Briefs range, we are looking to expand with Epplejeck through our Men's Underwear Range and with further designs from the Female Range, ensuring we are supporting all riders throughout The Netherlands. 

The launch of the DE Sportief Bra has acquired a high level of interest from riders, retailers and buyers all over the world. The staff meetings with Team Epplejeck, also highlighted their interest in acquiring the DE Sportief Bra for sale in-store. 

So watch this space ..... Our Dutch Riders will be in their matching DE sets for ultimate support, comfort, style and control.

With successful launch and great feedback from buyers, we visited a selection of Epplejeck stores to meet with the teams, talk through the products and run a testing. The staff feedback was fantastic on sales and client requests. We decided to run a blind test in essence, to give our lead selling "Performance Padded Pant" to staff who had not experienced any previous concerns over riding underwear. Those who never felt the need to ride in padded pants and to see their feedback after a month wearing and washing the garments.  The results have been fantastic, below you will find the opinions and testimonials from 6 of the Epplejeck Team Testers from the Amersfort Store.

Really happy to report that this underwear is invisible, even in my white breeches.

I rode a couple of days with it at clients, no one has noticed.

After trying the underwear for 2 weeks, I am happy to announce that it is a good product for me.

Especially when it is a hotter day, and I have to ride 6 horses in a row, it is really comfortable to ride in.
The first ride I had to get used to it a little, but after the first ride I did not even noticed it anymore. 
Every saddle felt a little bit softer, so that was really nice.

After a couple of times washing the underwear still looks the same and didn’t become smaller or anything, very nice!
  wearing the panty at the show
My product score is an 8!
Maybe after riding more in it, it will become a higher score,
but for now, I think it is a pretty good score! Loved testing this product!

Even rode my competition in it, and we won ;)
Maybe not all credits to the underwear, but I was pretty comfy the whole ride!

2 times first place!!!

Feedback from Iris

I am now 3 weeks riding with the Derriere underpants. I ride myself many long rides with my horse in the country. I have been riding with Derriere and is a very pleasant experience. Before I rode with the Derriere Equestrian Underwear I often had problems with my sitting bumps after a long ride, even when I am riding with ordinary boxer shorts I could hurt myself.

With Derriere Equestrian Underwear I have absolutely no more trouble! Even after a ride of three hours. I have ridden with Derriere now more than 10 times and the washed fabric feels exactly the same. 

I am a big fan!

Feedback from Jolanda

I'm riding with the Derriere Equestrian Underwear and find it is exceptionally good, fine pretty flat edges. I've never suffered from discomfort, but I can imagine that for people who do suffer these pants are excellent, even for those who don’t,
Derrieres are exceptionally comfortable.
Sincerely, Jolanda
Feedback from Rachel

I think it will feel a little bit softer when sitting trot because of the padding comfort. Besides that, I have not previously had any other expectation because I have no complaints with regular underwear while horse riding. However am very happy to test ride this product.
It felt softer, as expected. It's good you don't feel the seams and that it doesn't cut into your skin.
Very comfortable underwear.
Best Wishes Rachel

Feedback from Sharon

My experience with the Performance Panty Derriere Equestrian Padded. 
The wearing comfort of this underwear is very pleasant. I had to get used to the pad in the slip, but after a while it felt more comfortable . In the beginning I had my doubts about the padding, I thought it would feel warm and sticky, however, this was not the case. It just felt fresh, even after an intense workout.

The pad portion of the slip is not visible on the outside of your breeches. Furthermore, the underwear remains are securely, comfortably and properly in place and that makes for a nice fit.

I would recommend this slip to anyone who suffer from underwear which doesn't fit good or increase skin irritation
Thank you

Feedback from Pascalle

Testing the Derriere Equestrian underwear went great.

I tried it on with a ride outside and a training indoors. I have to say that i am already spoiled with the sheep fur saddle slipcover. So off course i tried the underwear with no saddle cover at all. Then you definitely feel the difference.

It's not uncomfortable to wear, it provides very good comfort.
I ride western pleasure  so i tried it with jeans and with a riding pants. That was so nice.

Loved it that we got to test the underwear.



Visit In-Store to purchase yours 

Riders from around the world, cannot believe the results from the gorgeous Derrieres.  

Now it's your turn to be wowed! 

Up to 100% efficacy for comfort, performance and style 


Friday, 24 March 2017

Taking the driving seat, with Derriere Equestrian Sponsored Event Rider Daisy Berkeley

Taking the driving seat, with Daisy Berkeley

Our ambassador rider, eventer Daisy Berkeley, has had a busy spring, taking out her rising seven year olds NPS Devon, Electoral Role and Caroline to some high profile horse trials events. She has a promising string of youngsters that she is currently producing, and landed a rewarding first place in the BE100 with Electoral Role at Tweseldown earlier this month.

Daisy is an incredibly experienced eventer, having contested many world class events, and being a former British Open Champion and winner at the prestigious Blenheim horse trials. A British eventing team stalwart, Daisy has medals in all three colours from the European and World Championships, as well as the Olympics.

So we asked her, as a Derriere Equestrian Ambassador, to share with our friends, customers and followers the essence of the event rider’s secret weapon - the driving seat.

The riding seat can be used to amplify the horse’s own motion,” Daisy explains. “By adding your riding seat to the horse's motion, you can influence his speed, especially ‘up the gears’. The driving seat asks for more stride, and more impulsion - immeasurably useful for covering ground to make up time, reaching a finish line, or helping the horse ‘lock on’ to a fence with impulsion, if your pace has been more ‘pedestrian’, due to the terrain or the getaway from the previous fence,” Daisy explains.

“You are essentially using your riding seat in a forward motion, sitting in the saddle (as opposed to using a light seat), and rotating the pelvic forward in a circle that matches the horse’s rhythm. The key is to ‘catch’ the horse’s rhythm, so your seat encourages him forward just as one of his forelegs appears to come back, just before it lifts from the ground; easily seen by his shoulder rotating. I say ‘one of’ the limbs, without mentioning a leading leg, assuming that we are considering a wide-open cross country course - if you’re seeking impulsion in an arena, try to catch the inside foreleg as it comes back, as the outside hind can then be influenced in the canter stride. Think of your seat as bringing the hind end of the horse forward with a longer stride underneath its rib cage. Remember, we don’t want to be excessively kicking and demanding with our legs, so the seat can be a really useful aid, allowing for more subtle leg aids.”

Daisy says that a key part of understanding this aid is to also know when to ‘stop’ driving. “When you need to ‘hold’ the horse’s pace and impulsion, you can strengthen your stomach muscles and straighten your back a little, lifting the shoulders at the same time - this has the effect of slowing the pace, even for a moment.”

Remember that when the rider is comfortable within the saddle, they can move more easily with the horse’s gait. Comfortable underwear and breeches are a must. 

Derriere underwear is fabulous; discreet and verycomfortable,” Daisy says. “The breeches are extremely smart and very flattering. Bear in mind also that a good sports bra is essential, in order to both carry and open the shoulders, and not focus on any discomfort caused by breast movement,” Daisy concludes.

Look out for our forthcoming blog on female body shape and riding!

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Derriere Equestrian, The World's Leading Equestrian Underwear Experts Announce The Launch Of The New De Sportief Sports Bra

Derriere Equestrian, The World's Leading Equestrian Underwear Experts Announce The Launch Of The New De Sportief Sports Bra

Derriere Equestrian announce the highly anticipated new product launch of its sports bra. The launch expands on the signature range of its specialist Equestrian base wear. In January 2017, the new De Sportief bra went into production with a creative, high end brand ethos, mirroring the precise & exceptional fit of the core range. The official launch hit the catwalk in a blaze of publicity at the BETA International trade fair at the NEC and at SPOGA Horse Cologne in February.

Unique design aspects of the bra present it as a world first due to bespoke elements. Specifically crafted to meet the needs of the high impact nature of equestrian sports, the elements include a low, wide torso band which sits deeper than the average sports bra to give thoracic core support, while the angled padded straps are designed to alleviate neck and shoulder pain. The garment has the finish of luxury lingerie, something lacking in the sector today.

The launch offers a buying choice for women involved in the wider market of high impact sporting activity including running, aerobics, hiit, circuits and gym work. Claire Galer is the creative force that revolutionised the equestrian underwear landscape and took it far outside the long accepted norm. The company paved the way for luxury with comfort at its core, coining the phrase 'function at its most lavish.’

Claire comments. “We are delighted to have brought to the equestrian and sports market a bra that is set to revolutionise sportswear, the feedback we have received at launch through BETA and SPOGA Horse has been overwhelming. We have spent two years designing, prototyping and performance testing the style. The result is an innovative product positioned at the forefront in breast control for sports exertion. The DE Sportief is the style for the future, a fusion of compression and encapsulation creating the perfect hybrid design in sports bra technology. Derriere Equestrian is known globally for quality, style and performance, and demand for the DE Sportief has already grown at a phenomenal rate, we are excited to see completion of first production with our team and have already moved forward into second production.

Like all Derriere Equestrian undergarments, the racer-back-style Derriere Sportief Bra with padded straps features completely seamless areas, to minimise rubbing - the cup areas are therefore super-comfortable and soft to the touch. It offers full zipped entry for easy access - so no more getting ‘stuck’ when you try to remove your sports bra after a hot training session! As you’d expect from Derriere, a fashion-focussed product in a stunning colourway that you will be proud to show off at your exercise class or gym - the Sportief is no shrinking violet! Remember too that if you do choose to ride in a ‘normal’ bra that the standard strap formation can be extremely inconvenient and annoying, if the straps fall down beneath a show shirt, stock and jacket! So the racer-style is practical too

De Sportief Equestrian Sports Bra          
  • Compression & encapsulation to deliver superior support
  • Ultra-tight, seamless second skin fit
  • Minimizes breast movement, gives additional support
  • Alleviates discomfort & reduces chest ligament damage
  • Racer back mesh design with full thoracic support
  • Deeper set for core stability and thoracic support
  • Prevents neck & shoulder pain, supporting the Trapezius & shoulder sling structures
  • Easy front zip fastening, with additional security hook and eye feature
  • Plush branded finish of high-end luxury lingerie
  • Deep V-plunge neck line
  • High-tech, breathable, temperature regulating fabric with a luxurious feel
  • Padded adjustable shoulder straps to help alleviate neck strain
  • Three tier moisture wicking transport system, Dry Wicking
  • Restricts movement, lifts, separates, & supports for enhanced shape
  • Non wired, functional support seam to shape the breast
  • Size Guide - 7 size options covering 14 bra selection sizes. The product design is engineered to offer a selection in size guide.
  • For enhanced compression, select the size option of your bra size.
  • For a less compression & enhanced shaping we advise to go up one size.
  • RRP £53.99

The De Sportief bra will be available to stockists and consumers April 2017.

Brand Information

The De Sportief bra will be available to stockists and consumers April 2017.

Launched in September 2014 Derriere Equestrian has grown into an International creative powerhouse flying the flag for British design in an incredible 36 countries.

The brand can now be found in over 230 stockists internationally. The Derriere Equestrian label is committed to creating cool, functional equestrian base wear of exceptional quality for men and woman globally.  

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