Monday, 21 August 2017

Combining breeches and undies - why comfort is key

Combining breeches and undies - why comfort is key

Wychanger Saddlery, based in Burlescombe, Devon, is a thriving bricks-and-mortar and online saddlery stocking a multitude of leading equestrian brands. The team is looking forward to showcasing the new DE Sportief Bra to its customers  - "It's exactly the type of high-performance product that our female customers like," says the store's Jade Turner - and also stocks the full range of Derriere riding undergarments. The Team at Wychanger Barton Saddlery and Inch's Saddlery, owned by Roy Male, have been successful stockists of the full Derriere Equestrian Range since the company launched in 2014. The staff adore the product range, as do their buyers all over the UK.

Derriere Equestrian support the team at Wychanger and Inch's at key events around the country during the show season, namely: Badminton Horse Trials, Hartpury Festival of Dressage, Windsor Horse Show, Burghley Horse Trials, Dressage Championships Stoneleigh Park, HOYS, Your Horse and Olympia to name a few. When visiting these key events, this is your perfect opportunity to meet with the teams from: Derriere Equestrian, Wychanger Barton Saddlery and Inch's Saddlery.

"Velcro cuffs are 'out' now"

When asked what optimises a rider's performance in the saddle, Jade says being comfortable is key. "No matter how much we spend on our breeches, if they aren't comfy , we just don't wear them; ideally you should try breeches or jodhs on first, and make sure that they feel right for you, especially around the waist - do you like high, mid or low rise? -make sure they sit comfortably for you, according to your shape. Also, the seat - I'm not the biggest fan of a full suede seat, unless it's  'three way stretch' as a minimum. Ankle wise, we recommend an elasticated soft stretch or Flexi Cuff as being the most comfortable, as seen on the Treviso Training Breeches from Derriere. Velcro cuffs are 'out' now; there are much comfier options!"
"If you're looking for a white competition breech, then our one number one tip would be to check that the fabric is thick enough not to be see-through. You can then compliment the breeches with a nice, seam free pair of Derriere undies, of course! Our best sellers from the Derriere range here at Wychanger Saddlery are the DE Performance Padded Panty - these are designed to eradicate seam-lines visible through breeches, and they also ensure no rubbing, chaffing or abrasions are created, due to stitched seams. Colour-wise, white is the most popular colour of these briefs, as it is so discreet," Jade concludes.

The team at Wychanger and Inch's are very much looking forward to the new lines added to the Derriere Equestrian Collection for the new season. With the focus on climate control technology and the new sports tops, skins and competition body.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

“VPL so scandalous”

“VPL so scandalous”

Sisqo may have promoted the need to eliminate visible panty-lines and curate discreet rumpage dressing in ‘The Thong Song’; and those ladies that fall into the thong-camp know that these flimsy pieces of underwear are GREAT for avoiding the dreaded visible panty-line, or VPL, when sashaying along the high street or shaking one’s posterior on the dance-floor at the local hot-spot. But, for horse riders, we know that little, inflexible flimsy thongs are usually not de rigour. Must we really endure them in our quest to eliminate the under-breeches-VLP?


Instead, one could consider the ‘Derriere G’, a modern take on the thong - a G-string for those who love Gee-Gees! Or, a more enveloping brief, such as the Derriere Performance Panty - it’s successfully eradicated seam-lines visible through underwear, often experienced with high-street undies.

VPL - a fashion misdemeanour

The rather charming ‘Urban Dictionary’ says VPL is a ‘definite fashion misdemeanour.’ “VPL damages the aesthetic beauty of a fine rump,” the online resource reports. Well, this may be true, however we wouldn’t be so crude!

The website also reports a helpful example of when to use ‘VPL’ in your everyday vocabulary:
"Damn! Check dat booty!"
"Nah, man. Can't see it for all that VPL."

For the more salubrious and respectful among us, there’s no need to disrespect someone’s booty. Simply direct them towards Derriere Equestrian’s splendid range of riding underwear!

The ‘Derriere G’ is made from Polyamide and Elasthanne, with a generous fit that moves with you as you ride - you will forget you’re wearing it. If the ‘G’ isn’t your style, then we can assure you that Bridget Jones would have been proud to wear our fabulous Derriere Performance Panty - no seamlines, ultimate comfort, and of course, beautiful designer undies that would surely have impressed Daniel Cleaver.

So, if VLPs are a worry for you under your light-coloured breeches, and your VPLs are so scandalous, visit your local Derriere Equestrian retailer; you will never need to ride in an uncomfy thong thong thong thong thong again.

Here we present our own version of the Sisco classicJ

Ooh, dat VPL, so scandalous.
And ya know another judge couldn't handle it.
See ya shakin that thang on the saddle I wish,
You had Derrieres, not so devilish.

Ya like to jump at all the hip, hop spots,
And ya cruise the fences with ya lovely rump,
But your undies girl, you like the pop,
Cuz you ridin’ la vida loca.

You may have dumps like a truck, truck truck.
Great thighs like, what, what.
VPL on your butt, butt butt.
Uh, I will sing it again.
It’s those VPLs, yuck, yuck.
Thighs so hot, what what.
All night long.
No thong thong thong thong thong!

Sunday, 6 August 2017

International Event Rider Daisy Berkeley talks stickability

International Event Rider Daisy Berkeley talks stickability

Our ambassador event rider Daisy Berkeley has had a busy summer, with top ten placings for her youngsters at BE100, including the seven year olds Caroline and Electoral Role, and a second placing with the nine year old Midsummer Picnic at the prestigious Novice Regionals. Meanwhile, the eight year old Ballinteskin Cooper S placed twelfth and eleventh at Barbury and Rockingham two-stars respectively, showing great promise.

Daisy is an incredibly experienced eventer, having contested many world class events, and being a former British Open Champion and winner at the prestigious Blenheim horse trials. A British eventing team stalwart, Daisy has medals in all three colours from the European and World Championships, as well as the Olympics.

She says that the importance of your position and seat cannot be over-estimated as an event rider. “As riders, we are often put in a difficult situation such as the horse stumbling, spooking or jumping a fence awkwardly; usually he won’t be intentionally unbalancing you, but you are still compromised. Ultimately, we must be able to stay in the saddle for our own and his safety,” Daisy tells us.

“You must learn to acquire your own ‘Safety Seat’ - the deeper the seat, the less likely you are to part company, so this must be established as your most basic tool to be able to use whenever needed. An excellent method is to have lunge lessons with your instructor; this will allow you to be able to ride without reins so that you can focus solely on your seat and position and not worry about steering or pace.

For more novice riders, try to pull the pommel of the saddle up into your body with both hands, pushing your seat downwards - the purpose is to give you a very secure feeling and a real insight into how you should be riding into his movement. It is particularly helpful in improving your sitting trot. More advanced riders should be able to cross their arms on the lunge and obtain the same result. Lunge work is the safest environment to learn to work without stirrups, and eventually be able to slip your feet in and out as required in trot and canter. 

Throughout your sessions, you must remain in the centre of balance, i.e. not tipping left, right, forward or backward. Do not hollow your back, but ensure it remains as straight as possible; however remember that your pelvis needs to move with the movement of the horse; it is a common mistake to be too rigid - aim for flexibility and allow the movement to be absorbed up through your pelvis. This is the art of the deep seat!” Daisy continues.

“You must be able to go into your ‘Safety Seat’ at any given moment, whether you are cantering across country in a forward light seat or jumping, or even relaxed out hacking. It can be automatic to tilt forwards in moments of danger, but you really must learn to sit ‘up and deep’ when needed. It is very important to build your inner core strength and flexibility of the body.

“A good ‘off horse’ exercise is to work with a giant Swiss ball, such as can be found in gyms, and literally practise your deep seat position, learning to balance on the ball without it rolling around. Play around with it by tilting slightly left, right, forwards and backwards to simulate loss of balance and learn to get back to the centre of gravity. Other simple inner strength gym workouts include planking and squats. 

Don’t forget to invest in good quality breeches and undergarments to allow you to focus on your training and riding - obviously Derriere Equestrian offers a comprehensive range of products,” concludes Daisy. 

Derriere underwear is fabulous; discreet and very comfortable,” Daisy says. “The breeches are extremely smart and very flattering. Excitingly, I have started to get into yoga. When I heard that Mark Todd is quite a follower, and remains supple at his age, I thought I would give it a go! It has made a great difference to my core strength, balance and flexibility. When I combine this with my wonderful Derriere clothing, I hope to have that edge we are all looking for, so roll on next season!”

Daisy says “Derriere underwear is fabulous; discreet and very comfortable and I love the Derriere Equestrian Performance Padded Panty and Padded Shorty options” Daisy says. “The breeches are extremely smart and very flattering. Bear in mind also that a good sports bra is essential, in order to both carry and open the shoulders, and not focus on any discomfort caused by breast movement,” Daisy concludes.

Loving my pants and breeches. They are amazing. Daisy Berkeley

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Ever Wondered How Your Underwear Is Made?

Come and take a look behind the scenes at Derriere Equestrian Production

Derriere Equestrian Padded UnderwearUnderwear comes in every shape and size, with a plethora of choice when it comes to style. The meticulous underwear design technology applied at Derriere Equestrian is radically different from the undergarment industry status quo. Team Derriere Equestrian take you behind the scenes at our manufacturing facilities in Italy and Tunisia. 

From the clothing we wear, to the technology at our fingertips, to the food we eat, we have an insatiable curiosity about how things work and are made.

Derriere Equestrian Padded Underwear
Our factories in Tunisia lead the world in designer lingerie manufacturing courtesy of their dedicated, highly skilled work force coupled with the very best equipment. Our production team, headed-up by Claire Galer, have an incredible eye for detail and quality so that every one of our designs stands up to the closest scrutiny. Make no mistake, this is a very competitive business and so efficiency, productivity and quality control are the vital ingredients to making a garment that will be successful in the marketplace. 

Derriere Equestrian is all about quality and this is why we source the very best luxury, high performing sporting fabrics from Italy; this is the key to our underwear feeling so comfortable and conforming.

Derriere Equestrian Padded Underwear Sports Bra
All our designs are rigorously performance tested and tweaked, if necessary, until we are 100% confident that they will surpass expectations. The latest, and most exciting creation is our sports bra "The DE Sportief" which is set to take Derriere into the wider sporting arena, outside the equestrian world. 

High-tech fabrics coupled with brilliant design-features are seeing this product becoming a market leader. It combines the perfect balance of compression and support leading to rave reviews from consumers. 

Derriere Equestrian Padded Underwear

How are the Derriere Equestrian products manufactured?

The manufacturing processes used for production, involves both the bonded and seamless technology.

Derriere Equestrian Padded UnderwearBonding fabric together, ensures reduced seamlines and stitching, this is an essential process to produce undergarments that have no abrasive edges and reduced stitched seamlines. 

Derriere Equestrian Padded UnderwearSeamless Manufacturing is the new way of approaching the apparel culture. The introduction of the SEAMLESS manufacturing ability for producers has revolutionized the global underwear marketplace.

The development of the single jersey electronic circular knitting machines for the production of seamless wear was a very innovative discovery and has revolutionized the underwear manufacturing process for underwear, outerwear, swimwear and sportswear.

Derriere Equestrian Padded UnderwearThe team that head up the manufacturing for Derriere are composed of textile engineers, specialized chemists, high level technicians, designers and fabric selection experts.

Derriere Equestrian Padded Underwear
The Derriere Equestrian® products go through more than 50 controls during their transformation in production, followed by further individual garment testing at quality control and then again at the packaging, shipment and warehousing stages. The final products are presented and packaged to an exceptionally high standard.
Derriere Equestrian Padded Underwear
Derriere Equestrian Padded UnderwearThe manufacturing process involves: pattern formation, fabric coloring, pantone testing and layout, all prior to making it to the cutting table. 

Derriere Equestrian Padded UnderwearDerriere Equestrian Padded UnderwearWhen working with our Italian fabrics for the bonded technology, all fabrics are pre tested and then cut supervised. 

The traditional bundle formation is processed and all cut fabrics are then transported through to the bonding and stitching rooms. Specialized and highly trained seam technicians pull together the design formation and end users product.

Derriere Equestrian Padded UnderwearDerriere Equestrian Padded UnderwearFrom the design and manufacture of the Derriere Equestrian Padded Support System in Italy, through to full pull together of all product build of: Jacquard, Padding, Bonding, Seam Stitching, Seamless Weave production in Tunisia, the Derriere Equestrian Team are working hard to deliver to all of our buyers, the very best in equestrian and sporting apparel. 

Derriere Equestrian Padded Underwear

A trip to production would not be the same without a few good Italian ~ French ~ Tunisian ~ International lunches and dinners with the team!

Derriere Equestrian Padded UnderwearDerriere Equestrian Padded UnderwearDerriere Equestrian Padded Underwear 

Thursday, 27 July 2017

SPOGA Horse 2017 Hall 11.1 / Stand D-030 Derriere Equestrian

SPOGA Horse 2017  Hall 11.1 / Stand D-030

Derriere Equestrian

Sunday 3rd - Tuesday 5th September 2017

SPOGA Horse 2017

Hall 11.1

Stand D-030 Derriere Equestrian 

SPOGA Horse Autumn is where the international equestrian trading markets meet up at the worlds leading equestrian trade exhibition.

Derriere Equestrian launched at SPOGA Horse 2014 and has since grown from strength to strength.

Trading through 34 countries with over 300 retail stores around the world, Derriere Equestrian are delighted to be unveiling the 2018 Collection.

The brand continues to lead the world in sporting and equestrian undergarments, having launched the revolutionary DE Sportief style in the sports bra collection to #banishthebounce! SPOGA Horse Autumn see's the launch of the new: Sports Skins, Riding Tops, Competition Wear and more. So don't miss the chance to book your appointment with the team now.

Contact our team now to receive your SPOGA Horse Voucher Booking Code for entry.
We have a full diary with clients visiting with us for the exhibition and have the 2018 collection to launch. We would therefore advise early booking for appointments, to save any disappointment. 

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Riders Underwear Support - Dressage Rider Avril Clinton-Forde tells it like it is!

"For the first time in months my foofoo was unscathed" - Dressage Rider Avril Clinton-Forde tells it like it is!

Avril Clinton-Forde became a brand ambassador for Derriere Equestrian after writing a wonderful blog post on Derriere's undergarments.

"I have a massive hatred of underpants when it comes to horse riding. Unless they are suspended under your feet, cross-threaded to each leg and hung from your bra, they have a tendency to attempt a gynaecological examination at high speed," she observed. "It was suggested that I get myself a pair of Derrière Equestrian underpants, so however after a wrestling match similar to the epic fail of Zoolander trying to remove his jocks from under his trousers, I finally submitted and purchased a pair of the Performance Padded Panties," Avril continues. “I was so unbelievably sceptical about these padded panties but I am a total convert. The padding is amazing when it comes to the (all too close contact!) part of the dressage saddle. For the first time in months my foofoo was unscathed following an hour of half pass and sitting trot. When it came to the collected canter work it was amazing, I was cushioned and protected like a princess, my delicates were treated so delicately!"

We thought Derriere blog readers may like to find out more about Avril, so here goes!

Along with her mare Grand Duchess, Avril is based in the stunning surroundings of Dollanstown Stud, Co Meath, in Ireland. Avril has a love of Dressage, and is currently an amateur rider at Medium level, trying to make it to Grand Prix. She's also an 'at home' mum who works for herself in Digital Marketing ("Because rosettes won’t pay the bills!"), and lectures at night ("Because Digital Marking only pays some of the bills,"). Truthfully though, Avril confesses she's trying to pretend she doesn’t spend most of the day in her PJs eating chocolate and crisps.

Grand Duchess, the little Chestnut, Irish Sport Horse and Avril have been together 10 years now. Bred by the lovely Harold McGackern, she is out of Derantus Dimond x Great Marques. "She was, in Harold's own words, 'a breeding disappointment'" recalls Avril." Harold remembered that Duchess was a “dainty little thing” and as a result she was called Duchess. Little did Harold know at the time how aptly named she actually was. She’s a very lady like, 16hh mare who is a delight on the ground but an incredibly challenging horse to ride," Avril concludes.

We're delighted to report that Avril will be contributing to our blog soon, so watch this space!