Sunday, 24 September 2017

Tally Ho!

Tally Ho!

Hunting enthusiasts are now preparing for their most exciting time of the year, and looking forward to the opening meets in November. After a summer of relaxation and indulgence, horses and riders need to become fit and muscled and able to withstand long days, inclement weather and hard riding! So now’s the time to get both horse and rider fit, and maybe try your hand at some Autumn hunting in late September and October.

Rider fitness

Riders will need to tone everything up and can start with some gentle walks and swims, building up to longer episodes of training until not much causes a shortness of breath. Even a brisk ten minute walk a day will do the trick, and the heart-rate will improve.

Equine fitness

If you have access to a horse-walker, ten minutes, building up to twenty minutes once or twice a day will be an ideal start when getting your horses ‘up’ from any recent downtime. Now’s also the time to do some gentle hacking daily, to build up muscle, fitness and ‘wind’, or respiratory health.

Avril Clinton-Forde contests Medium dressage with her mare Grand Duchess at level, and says hacking and road work is brilliant for fitness. “You could build up to a gentle jog trot all the way round the block, and after a few weeks introduce short, and then longer canters, using some good uphill stretches whenever you can. Around the beginning of October is a good time to clip for the first time, maybe a trace clip whilst still in the fittening process, and moving on to a full clip for when hunting proper starts at the beginning of November,” she suggests.

Working together

If you have the time available, why not try Autumn hunting? It’s the ideal introduction to hunting if it is all a new experience for you or your horse. The stubble fields will provide good going and there is plenty of slow work and only some gentle cantering. You can stay out as long as the hunt does, or you can leave early. Plan your presentation for the big day well in advance, with clean tack and boots, and a well turned out horse. (Clothes-wise: during autumn hunting, wear a tweed jacket and shirt and tie or coloured stock, pale breeches - e.g. buff, light brown, cream or yellow - clean boots and gaiters/half-chaps or long boots, dark gloves and a hat with a dark cover. In full hunting season, you can wear a black or navy coat, although tweed is sometimes seen too. Plait for the full hunting season; check out H&H’s guide HERE, and also The Field’s guide HERE - it contains the sage and amusing advice: “Bum freezer jackets are rarely flattering, and are best avoided.”)

Comfort in the saddle

Once you’re out hunting, you will be ‘in the saddle’ for potentially many hours at a time, although with Autumn hunting especially, there are more breaks. We asked Avril Clinton-Forde for tips on staying comfortable in the saddle. “Without question, the right underwear is key,” she says. “Personally I’d recommend the Derriere Equestrian Performance Padded Shorty - no ‘vpl’ through your breeches, so no rubbing, chaffing or abrasions due to stitched seams, especially if you get wet. Importantly, the Shorties protect the area just behind ladies’ foofoos [the perineal area!] from friction, and that agonising feeling that you have dropped a farrier’s rasp down there!” Avril laughs. “They also give good bum coverage for warmth on those cold mornings. It would be great to wear Derriere’s white Cannes Competition Breeches, however it is only ‘members of the Field’ who should wear white breeches out hunting, together with their red coats. ‘Seat-savers’ tend to be frowned upon in formal hunting circles, however you can get some excellent, discreet seat-savers a with matte surface, which to be honest, few people will even notice - great for derriere comfort!”

Friday, 22 September 2017

Are you sitting comfortably?

Are you sitting comfortably?

Here at Derriere Equestrian, we know that sitting trot is a fantastic way to enhance your seat, balance and coordination. Riders often avoid using this technique in day to day training, as it is harder to achieve than regular rising trot, however if we can discipline ourselves to include it into our flatwork routine, it will strengthen our inner core muscles!

Feeling effortless

Belgian Dressage rider Laura Luyton says the perfect sitting trot should look and feel effortless. “The lower leg should stay in the correct position with the heels well down; the rider should be connected to the saddle at all times, never bouncing and with no unnecessary movement. The hands should remain very still, the movement being absorbed through the shoulders and elbows and backs and heads must be straight; chins up and never, never look down,” Laura advises.

“It is easier to achieve your perfect sitting trot either with longer stirrups, or none at all, to encourage a good loose length of leg. Be sure to relax into the movement, keeping very upright. Imagine your hips being attached to either side of the saddle and your spine being perfectly central. Allow your body to go with the flow of the movement of the horse so that the two are moving as one,” she suggests.

Lovely lungeing

According to French Dressage rider Antoine Nowakowski, a good way to begin is with a friend or trainer lunging you, leaving you free to concentrate. “Tie your reins into a knot and hook both hands under the pommel of the saddle, pulling it up to you with the movement and rhythm of the horse,” he recommends. “Once you are confident, take your hands to the correct position and with a slight bend in the elbow and the thumbs on top, without taking up the reins – this will concentrate your mind on keeping your hands still. This technique can be practised in walk, trot and canter and will give you a real feel for the depth of seat required. If you have a horse with big movement, start in a jog trot and ease yourself into opening up his pace and if you feel you start to lose connection, re-collect him and start again,” Antoine says.

Why not add some competitiveness in sitting trot – with a friend when you’re both schooling, do some exercises such as circles, serpentines and figures of eight, setting some goals. ‘Up the ante’ by placing paper money notes on your saddle then repeating the shapes, to see who can retain their money for the longest time!

An off the horse exercise

Stretching exercises such as those found in yoga and pilates classes will benefit your body’s ability to increase flexibility, as will any good regular exercise, i.e. walking, swimming and cycling. Simple exercises at home such as planking and wall squats take little time, and will pay dividends. The big rubber balls found at gyms are a useful addition to practise correct posture. Get in the habit of walking tall throughout your day! 

Remember to equip yourself with some comfy, supportive riding underwear - the Derriere Equestrian range is designed for both men and women. “It’s hard to find great riding underwear for men, but the DE Performance Padded Shorty and the Performance Seamless Shorty both excel at their job - exceptional comfort and performance,” Antoine says. 

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Self motivation - Derriere Ambassador Riders Erin Orford and Hannah Murray share their tips for being the best...

Self motivation - Derriere Ambassador Riders Erin Orford and Hannah Murray share their tips for being the best...

Horses will always present you with challenges, and very often once you overcome one hurdle, another one will rise to test you! It is always beneficial to try to see these episodes as part of your journey in the relationship between horse and rider, and as you progress, your bond, knowledge and understanding will increase and become stronger. Confidence is of the utmost importance for riders, and even if your riding is not technically perfect, having a positive attitude and belief in yourself will carry you a long way. It will also convey itself to your horse, who should respond in the best way possible!

We asked two exceptional dressage riders, the UK’s Erin Orford and Sweden’s Hanna Murray, who both contest para-dressage contests, for their tips:

“There is a good psychological trick that has helped many athletes in different sports, and it translates very well to equine disciplines. Before a test, I like to sit by the arena on my own and ride through the test in my mind in real-time, going over all the tiny details as to how I’ll prepare or ride each step of a movement. If there are certain movements or parts of the arena that are worrying you - for example banners when you’re on a spooky horse - then you can visualise how you might prepare the horse, and in your mind tackle the problem before it happens. Our emotions, particularly nerves, are easily transferred to the horse, so mounting with this positive mindset will also give your horse confidence, and ultimately increase your chances of succeeding in whatever you’re working towards,” says Britain’s Erin Orford.

“Be the best you can be, and focus on your strengths and build on them; very often the weaker areas will also improve along the way. For example, if your horse is brilliant out hacking, set yourself a programme whereby you do all the local routes and incorporate some of your schooling exercises such as transitions in different locations into your rides. Do make sure your horse respects you on the ground as well as when ridden. Horses like and need to be obedient, which will build trust in your relationship. Make sure the horse is in a steady routine of feed, turnout and work. A horse that is handled daily is much more likely to be at ease,” advises Hanna Murray.

To up your riding game, try to ensure that you are in the right environment. You need to surround yourself with motivational people who are there to help, are happy to do so and are, hopefully, more accomplished than yourself! Sometimes what may seem like a huge problem to you can be easily solved by a professional seeing things from a different point of view. Owning and riding a horse can be a challenge, no matter what our physical capabilities and limitations - so rise up to and above your challenge, be the best, gain success and then enjoy the ride! Remember to equip yourself with the right equipment for the job - for example, comfy and supportive under-garments and breeches, such as those from Derriere equestrian. 

The correct attire can really boost your confidence, and make you feel on top of the world!

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Beat the bounce - whatever your bust size with boobylicious facts from Derriere

Beat the bounce - whatever your bust size!

Did you know, breast pain is reportedly experienced by over 70% of women during exercise - unsurprising given that more than half of the ‘bounce’ experienced is from vertical forces [Ref 1]. But this force applies to all women - not just those blessed (or cursed!) with bigger boobs. Dr. Cynthia S. Vaughn, a spokesperson for the American Chiropractic Association, was reported as saying on that wearing a good bra as a small-chested woman is: “Not so much for current times, but for later in life.” So, bear in mind that as a rider, you are protecting your bust for the future by choosing a good bra for riding, whatever your bust size. 

Hanna Murray concurs - the Swedish dressage rider has competed at championship para-dressage level as well as able-bodied dressage, and won a bronze medal at the recent Swedish championships, riding Mogway. She’s the proud owner of a modest bust, and says that women of all sizes shouldn’t skimp on getting a good bra. “Despite not having an especially large bust, I find that the right sports bra is supportive, and really helps me in my riding,” she tells us.

Three boobylicious bra facts-

  1. Not wearing a sports bra can lead to tension and strain in the upper back and neck - the excess weight from unsupported breasts means the back muscles have to work harder to keep the shoulders in the correct position. Dressage rider Avril Clinton Forde agrees. “With the right bra securing your ‘tat-tas’, you can relax more into the sitting trot,” she says. “When I’m in a normal bra, I have to hold my shoulders up, tense my pectoral muscles, and hold my core tighter; I would do this without thinking, simply to stop my boobs bouncing! However with a good bra, because your boobs are secure, you can as a rider relax those muscles more, and go with the movement.”
  2. Keep a diary of your measurements - your breast size can change due to fluctuations in your weight or hormonal factors. Measure yourself to determine your bra size around every six months.
  3. Remember - the fit of the band around your torso is crucial - it needs to sit level on your back. Derriere designed its Sportief sports bra with the encapsulation benefits of underwiring, without using actual underwire, ensuring an effective garment for all riders. After all, underwired bras have been linked to health conditions including breast pain, injury, rubbing, chaffing, mastitis, and allergies.
Our Sportief Bra is made from high-tech, breathable, temperature-regulating fabric. It boasts comfortable, robust straps to help alleviate neck strain, and the fabric wicks away moisture, to evaporate; a clever, two tier fabric system breaks the surface tension of sweat, and propels it through the hydrophobic layer into a secondary, natural wicking outer layer.

Avril Clinton Forde says she has been blessed with bouncing bosoms. “I have had a baby, but they have managed to stay up; no tennis balls in a sock for me!” She tells us, with her trademark humour. “They are bouncy melons though, and can hurt in a normal bra.” Avril tells us that ‘pre Derriere’, she never bothered with a sports bra. “I used them once or twice, but got nothing from them. I used to ride in my very good Victoria Secrets bras, as they have super support, and to stop them from sliding down, I was crossing the straps to get more support; but they still had too much movement! The Derriere Sportief sports bra has really stopped the 'up bounce', and managed to halt the momentum. No kidding, the Sportief bra is phenomenal. I hate riding without it! I am a sports bra convert, or more specifically, a Sportief convert,” she says.
[Ref 1. Gehlsen & Albohm; Scurr, White & Hedger]. 

Monday, 28 August 2017

A Derriere Visit From Saudi Arabia

A Derriere Visit From Saudi Arabia

At Derriere Equestrian our customer care and customer feedback means so much to us. So when contacted by Dressage Rider and Trainer Anneliese Taylor from Saudi Arabia to arrange a visit with us at our head office we were delighted to accommodate her visit. Anneliese is currently in the UK training for a month.
Anneliese has been riding in our garments since we launched in 2014 & it was an absolute pleasure to see Anneliese for a visit at our head office in The Cotswold's.
Together with purchases of new briefs, Anneliese was fitted for her new DE Sportief Bra and absolutely loved it and was the lucky lady able to purchase the first of the new season Derriere Equestrian Skins and Sports Tops from the new collection launching next week at SPOGA Horse Autumn 2017 in Germany!
We have received the most fantastic feedback & photos from Anneliese & were pleased to connect Anneliese with her local Derriere Equestrian shop in Saudi Arabia - Le Monde Cheval.


"Recognised globally as the ONLY Equestrian & Sports Underwear, I have been using these unique products since 2014. I never ride in anything else.

The gorgeous designs, high quality materials and outstanding customer service are second to none.

The service I have received from Claire Galer is exemplary - timely service, expert advice and always willing to help. Customer service at its best.

A great range of practical products for everyday comfort. These will always be in my suitcase! Comfort, quality and service at its best.

Get your Derriere's today - you won’t be disappointed!" Anneliese Taylor

Thank you Anneliese for such fantastic feedback & photos. Enjoy your travels & enjoy your new Derrieres.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Combining breeches and undies - why comfort is key

Combining breeches and undies - why comfort is key

Wychanger Saddlery, based in Burlescombe, Devon, is a thriving bricks-and-mortar and online saddlery stocking a multitude of leading equestrian brands. The team is looking forward to showcasing the new DE Sportief Bra to its customers  - "It's exactly the type of high-performance product that our female customers like," says the store's Jade Turner - and also stocks the full range of Derriere riding undergarments. The Team at Wychanger Barton Saddlery and Inch's Saddlery, owned by Roy Male, have been successful stockists of the full Derriere Equestrian Range since the company launched in 2014. The staff adore the product range, as do their buyers all over the UK.

Derriere Equestrian support the team at Wychanger and Inch's at key events around the country during the show season, namely: Badminton Horse Trials, Hartpury Festival of Dressage, Windsor Horse Show, Burghley Horse Trials, Dressage Championships Stoneleigh Park, HOYS, Your Horse and Olympia to name a few. When visiting these key events, this is your perfect opportunity to meet with the teams from: Derriere Equestrian, Wychanger Barton Saddlery and Inch's Saddlery.

"Velcro cuffs are 'out' now"

When asked what optimises a rider's performance in the saddle, Jade says being comfortable is key. "No matter how much we spend on our breeches, if they aren't comfy , we just don't wear them; ideally you should try breeches or jodhs on first, and make sure that they feel right for you, especially around the waist - do you like high, mid or low rise? -make sure they sit comfortably for you, according to your shape. Also, the seat - I'm not the biggest fan of a full suede seat, unless it's  'three way stretch' as a minimum. Ankle wise, we recommend an elasticated soft stretch or Flexi Cuff as being the most comfortable, as seen on the Treviso Training Breeches from Derriere. Velcro cuffs are 'out' now; there are much comfier options!"
"If you're looking for a white competition breech, then our one number one tip would be to check that the fabric is thick enough not to be see-through. You can then compliment the breeches with a nice, seam free pair of Derriere undies, of course! Our best sellers from the Derriere range here at Wychanger Saddlery are the DE Performance Padded Panty - these are designed to eradicate seam-lines visible through breeches, and they also ensure no rubbing, chaffing or abrasions are created, due to stitched seams. Colour-wise, white is the most popular colour of these briefs, as it is so discreet," Jade concludes.

The team at Wychanger and Inch's are very much looking forward to the new lines added to the Derriere Equestrian Collection for the new season. With the focus on climate control technology and the new sports tops, skins and competition body.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

“VPL so scandalous”

“VPL so scandalous”

Sisqo may have promoted the need to eliminate visible panty-lines and curate discreet rumpage dressing in ‘The Thong Song’; and those ladies that fall into the thong-camp know that these flimsy pieces of underwear are GREAT for avoiding the dreaded visible panty-line, or VPL, when sashaying along the high street or shaking one’s posterior on the dance-floor at the local hot-spot. But, for horse riders, we know that little, inflexible flimsy thongs are usually not de rigour. Must we really endure them in our quest to eliminate the under-breeches-VLP?


Instead, one could consider the ‘Derriere G’, a modern take on the thong - a G-string for those who love Gee-Gees! Or, a more enveloping brief, such as the Derriere Performance Panty - it’s successfully eradicated seam-lines visible through underwear, often experienced with high-street undies.

VPL - a fashion misdemeanour

The rather charming ‘Urban Dictionary’ says VPL is a ‘definite fashion misdemeanour.’ “VPL damages the aesthetic beauty of a fine rump,” the online resource reports. Well, this may be true, however we wouldn’t be so crude!

The website also reports a helpful example of when to use ‘VPL’ in your everyday vocabulary:
"Damn! Check dat booty!"
"Nah, man. Can't see it for all that VPL."

For the more salubrious and respectful among us, there’s no need to disrespect someone’s booty. Simply direct them towards Derriere Equestrian’s splendid range of riding underwear!

The ‘Derriere G’ is made from Polyamide and Elasthanne, with a generous fit that moves with you as you ride - you will forget you’re wearing it. If the ‘G’ isn’t your style, then we can assure you that Bridget Jones would have been proud to wear our fabulous Derriere Performance Panty - no seamlines, ultimate comfort, and of course, beautiful designer undies that would surely have impressed Daniel Cleaver.

So, if VLPs are a worry for you under your light-coloured breeches, and your VPLs are so scandalous, visit your local Derriere Equestrian retailer; you will never need to ride in an uncomfy thong thong thong thong thong again.

Here we present our own version of the Sisco classicJ

Ooh, dat VPL, so scandalous.
And ya know another judge couldn't handle it.
See ya shakin that thang on the saddle I wish,
You had Derrieres, not so devilish.

Ya like to jump at all the hip, hop spots,
And ya cruise the fences with ya lovely rump,
But your undies girl, you like the pop,
Cuz you ridin’ la vida loca.

You may have dumps like a truck, truck truck.
Great thighs like, what, what.
VPL on your butt, butt butt.
Uh, I will sing it again.
It’s those VPLs, yuck, yuck.
Thighs so hot, what what.
All night long.
No thong thong thong thong thong!